Rebuilds Muscle Mass

Do You Want To LOVE, Your body again!

BodyTone Special - 6 sessions for $750

What is BodyTone

BodyTone is a bioelectric energy pulse exercise that targets specific muscle groups for toning. Using this device helps you restore and rebuild muscle mass by strengthening, sculpting, and toning weak muscles.

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Quick Recovery

Excellent Outcomes

Multi-area treatment

Tailored therapy to fit patient goals

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Personalized Care

Physician Owned

Proven Safe

Advanced Technologies

Healthy and Accessibility

No side effects

Comfortable and Secure

Alma MedSpa's programmes for slimming down are risk-free and relaxing.

Faster Result

After receiving only shots, your body can concentrate on quickly recuperating, and you can return to your daily activities.

Modern technologies

Only cutting-edge tools and techniques are utilized by the highly trained medical staff at Alma MedSpa.

Weight Loss Session

Taking the aesthetics industry by storm!

What's the Process?

BodyTone is the newest method of body contouring, and the first FDA-cleared device for sculpting muscles and reducing fat. It is revolutionizing the aesthetics market.

  • FDA approved
  • 30-minute session equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups
  • It uses bioelectric energy pulses to exercise different muscle groups
  • Pain-free, non-invasive body toning
  • Up to 30% muscle increase, strength, and tone

Do You Want To LOVE, Your body again!

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