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St. Charles, Missouri
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Black Friday Medical Spa Treatments

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  • Semaglutide Special - 3 month program was $1,299, SPECIAL $1,199
  • Tirzepatide Special - 3 month program was $1,500, SPECIAL $1,300
  • 2nd Semaglutide Special - 6 month program for $1,799 (ONLY UNTIL THE END OF NOVEMBER)
  • BodyTone Special - 6 sessions for $750
  • BodySculpt Special - 4 sessions for $750
  • Facial Special - Buy 3 facials for $350, get one FREE Dermaplane

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What We Offer at Alma MedSpa

Weight loss Treatment:

The 'Maintain, Not Gain' Weight Loss Programme at Alma MedSpa near St. Charles is an individualized and all-encompassing strategy for long-term weight loss success. Our qualified professionals use a variety of cutting-edge methods, including individualized diet and exercise programs, to help you achieve and maintain your goals. We at Alma MedSpa provide the best offers for weight loss treatments such as

Semaglutide weight loss treatment:

Weight loss Treatment

New chronic weight management medication semaglutide, used with lifestyle modification. Semaglutide mimics GLP-1 to induce weight loss. Brain regions that regulate hunger and food intake are targeted by this hormone. Semaglutide weight loss treatment is ideal at Alma MedSpa in Missouri, conducted by experts.


Semaglutide Special - 3 month program was $1,299, SPECIAL $1,199
Semaglutide Special - 6 month program for $1,799 (ONLY UNTIL THE END OF NOVEMBER)

Tirzepatide Weight loss Treatment:

Weight loss Treatment

Tirzepatide is injected diabetes medicine. Weekly delivery. This drug addresses two issues at once, unlike others. The intended demographic is people with type 2 diabetes, but off-label use can result in weight loss. Tirzepatide complements diet and exercise.


Tirzepatide Special - 3 month program was $1,500, SPECIAL $1,300

Body Sculpt Treatment:

B-12 Treatment

Body Sculp, offered at Alma MedSpa, is a cutting-edge method of body shaping that can help you realize your full physical potential. Body Sculp is an alternative to traditional fat-reduction surgery. Body Sculp employs diode-laser technology to permanently remove resistant fat cells without injuring the skin's surface, making it an attractive alternative to conventional fat-freezing methods. With Body Sculp at Alma MedSpa, you may achieve the toned, sculpted body you've always wanted and gain self-assurance in your appearance.


BodySculpt Special - 4 sessions for $750

Body Tone Treatment:

Morpheus8 Treatment

The BodyTone is a bioelectric energy pulse device designed to tone and strengthen muscle regions. Using this device helps you restore and rebuild muscle mass by strengthening, sculpting, and toning weak muscles. BodyTone is the newest method of body contouring, used for sculpting muscles and reducing fat, and it is revolutionizing the beauty industry. Our Body tone treatment at Alma MedSpa in St.Peters, Missouri, is just what you need.


BodyTone Special - 6 sessions for $750

Facial Treatments:

Facetite Treatment

Aestheticians are skin care experts who can help you get your glow back and fix any damage to your skin. We provide a variety of facial treatments that can help you seem younger, healthier, and more beautiful. Alma MedSpa, near St. Charles, Missouri, provides individualised care for each of its clients by addressing their specific concerns and tailoring treatments to address any desired level of exfoliation or peeling.


Facial Special - Buy 3 facials for $350 , get one FREE Dermaplane

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Frequently Asked Questions

Medical spas, in contrast to traditional day spas, offer a wider range of services, including cosmetic enhancements and the restoration of damaged skin, hair, and even metabolic functions.

Most patients can anticipate their medical weight loss program to persist for several weeks, months, or even longer as it aims to establish long-term, sustainable changes in behavior and lifestyle.

After one week of taking Ozempic (semaglutide) at your usual maintenance dose, you should experience a considerable drop in your blood sugar levels. Because of the drug's extended half-life, however, you could not feel its full effects for up to 8 weeks after your last weekly injection.

Body contouring can help you lose weight, shape problem areas, and tighten saggy skin. Noninvasive liposuction, often called lipolysis, is an alternative to surgical liposuction. Surgical procedures include breast lifts, tummy tucks, and liposuction.

The BodyTone is an innovative tool for minimizing muscle atrophy during training, as it employs pulses of bio-electric energy to target and grow specific muscle parts. The BodyTone can help patients who have lost muscle mass by strengthening and contouring their weak muscles through a process called muscle reeducation.